At St Vincent’s College Ashfield students are challenged to live and promote the values of self-discipline, care and respect for themselves and others; and appreciation of the environment in which they live. These values were demonstrated by Jesus in the Gospels and modelled by Saint John Baptist de La Salle, Venerable Mary Aikenhead and Saint Vincent de Paul.

Respect for yourself
Being respectful to yourself means doing your best, being responsible for your own learning and making good decisions so you can be the best person you can be.

Respect for staff
Being respectful to staff means following teacher directions, being well behaved, courteous and cooperative in class and at all college events.

Respect for the college
Being respectful to the college involves following college rules and procedures including wearing the uniform correctly, being present and involved in class, attending college events, respecting college property, and maintaining a high standard of behaviour at the college, online and in the wider community.

Respect for each other
Being respectful to each other involves maintaining respectful relationships with all students, respecting others’ property and being inclusive and not engaging in bullying others in person or online.